Wed Design

Employ to communicate a visual statement about the brand to consumers

It's look simple but it is not.

Web Design

In 2010, i started interested in Ui Design. I learned html , css and java script in Spanlogic. I am enjoy when i building the whole website by myself. I understand create the structure to create the website.

During 2017, i started create own responsive Portfolio website. I learn responsive design from w3school, bootstrap.

Sample mockup design i created in 2017.

Sample mockup design i created in 2017.

First freelance webstie mockup design.

I had been joined Web Proffesional House during 2013 until 2016, as a creative designer in mobile team and sometime, i had chance to get invloved in website design. There are some webdesign (site map, prototype, mockup design) that i had created on below.

I had been joined Spanlogic during 2010 until 2012, my responbilities in spanlogic is create website design, interative flash, html, css and java script. And some of the time, i have to implement Spanlogic's cms. There are webdesign that i had created on below.