Character Design

Designing my own character from scratch involves a lot of creative thinking.

WPH's director had built up an internal mobile team during 2013. I had joined WPH January 2013. To increase the popular for the mobile apps. Mobile team and i suggest creating a character for the apps.

Ohiye and friends

I am the one responsive for the character design. I have create the first character Ohiye. Ohiye is an octopus. He is a main character and represent mobile team mascot.

He has a leaf sprouting from his head. He is always greedy, which explains why he is so fat. He loves desserts and chocolate.Kind, innocent, happy-go-lucky. Friendly, loves to laugh, and always helping his friends (although he sometimes help too much).

I had create a ohiye facebook fanpage to Improve the flow of people. In the facebook fanpage we plan to create comic, story to attract the audience.

Ohiye's comic talk about funny story between coworker and ohiye.

To attract more audience. We had uploaded all the comic to Webtoon.